Price it Right

The importance of pricing your home properly cannot be overlooked. If priced too high, Buyers may not even take a look to see the differences between your property and another. All of the studies indicate that the first 90 to 120 days is crucial in determining the marketability of a home at a certain price. Your ERA Sellers Buyers and Associate professional agent can guide you through the process of pricing your home at the right level to sell under your own time constraints.

Pricing Analysis Grid

In addition to a Caomparative Market Analysis, ERA Sellers Buyers and Associates can provide additional tools such as the Pricing Analysis Grid. This provides a picture of todays market and what buyers have been willing to pay and what they have not been willing to pay. This is a valuable tool in determining fair market value of your home.

Absorption Analysis Tool

Additional Pricing information depends upon the circumstances surrounding the reason for your sale. The time the market needs to sell your home at a certain price is invaluable information to know. The Competitive Market analysis can provide you with time on the market but often doesn't include an analysis of the sales rate in your local area. Our ERA Sellers Buyers and Associates agents have additional tools at their disposal to assist you in determining the liklihood of the amount of time it could take to sell your home.

Competitive Market Analysis

This compares your home to recently sold homes as well as those homes active on the market that would be competitive with your home as to size, number of bedrooms, baths etc. Your ERA Sellers Buyers and Associates agent can prepare this for you as a starting point to demonstrate what your home' Fair Market Value is.