Reaching the Most Buyers

Internet Distribution

87% of all Buyers claim they begin their new home search on the Internet. Thus, any strategy to reach buyers must include the internet. This means what can be seen, what sites it can be seen on and, where on the site it is located.


At Sellers Buyers and Associates, we have our listings posted to over 120 internet distribution sites. These include the most popular of search sites as well as the largest Real Estate Franchise websites. A visual representation of the major branches of our distribution system are to the right.

Our exclusive website features many enhancements to attract more viewers. Just a few of these include Talking photo galleries, virtual tours, mapping, and neighborhood information.


Every Listing at ERA Sellers Buyers and Associates has a YouTube video posted on the ERA YouTube Video Channel as well as on our own Sellers Buyers YouTube Channel. Your property is displayed and searchable through-out the internet for potential buyers to see and tour.

Visual Tour

Many agent utilize virtual tours to assist in marketing your home. Because the companies that host these tours are also searchable venues, it does matter which company you use. ERA Sellers Buyers and Associates is proud to utilize Visual Tour.

We have elected to go with the largest provider of Visual Tours not only because they have a great tour, but because they are also an independent search site. Being the largest provides them with priority placement on the internet.

Search Engine Placement

Where your home shows up on Internet searches is also a major factor in attracting qualified buyers. Reasearch indicates that those homes showing in the top of search results have significantly more views. At ERA Sellers Buyers and Associates, we Showcase every listing on to keep you at the top of the search list. We also have secured a the priority spot in El Paso searches on Trulia, one of the top three home search sites, as well as

The Digital Age

To reach many of todays potential buyers, you must also be prepared to market to the many different methods individuals have to view your home. This includes tablets (Ipad and Android) as well as Smart Phones. New statistics indicate that smart phones are already in the hands of approximately 55% of mobile phone users over the age of 24 and is increasing rapidly. This proliferation of smart phones has enabled your ERA Sellers Buyers and Associates agent to provide potential buyers with the ability to view your visual tour and all of the pertinent information on your home right from their phone. We use Virtual Agent Connect, one of the best in the nation at "text" technology. This technology also allows your ERA Sellers Buyers and Associates agent to contact the person requesting information on your home instantly via text and then to stay in touch with them about your home through texting. Why is this important? There are 4.8 billion text users in the world and only 2 billion internet users. More to the point, only 12% of emails are opened and read and 97% of all text messages are. At ERA Sellers Buyers and Associates, we have harnessed this power with the ability to also get information on your home to every agent in the area and on their phone- not their e-mail.

Improved Traditional Methods

The traditional methods of marketing your home are also critical to success. However, a traditional yard sign without a "QR code" and a "Text Code" could fall short for those who won't stop to get a flyer or would like more information, including a visual tour of the inside of your home. At ERA Sellers Buyers and Associates, we have incorporated the latest in digital age marketing with the traditional to improve our ability to reach more potential buyers. Our signs include QR Code links to our website and a unique Video Tour link (text) to your home.

We further add these digital links to our flyers and advertisements to make viewing your home as easy as possible and provide your ERA Sellers Buyers and Associates agent with an increased ability to contact potential buyers directly to assit them in their decision making.

For those consumers who want a more traditional approach, we have also improved the traditional phone call and e-mail coverage. Using our unique LeadRouter technology, when a potential buyer emails for information on your home, our system automatically routes them first to your agents phone and, if no answer, to the next available knowledgeable and professional ERA Sellers Buyers and Associates agent. That way, no potential buyer is delayed in getting information about your home.

Count on ERA Sellers Buyers and Associates

This is a great amount of information to think about and digest. It is a fact that choosing the agent and the company to market your home is much more than communication with you. It is about communicating with you, agents, and potential buyers in a way designed to maximize the opportunity to sell your home.

The details of selling and marketing your home are handled by your individual agent in cooperation with you and the various other professionals involved to help you sell your home.

And through every step of the way, you can turn to your trusted ERA Sellers Buyers and Associates agent for advice, information and overall guidance. We are here to make your home selling experience successful, enjoyable and exciting.